Networks Barber College is a leading barber school that provides students with high-quality training and education. As a small business in a competitive industry, they needed to find new ways to reach and attract potential students. That’s when they turned to Royal Heron Media, a leading social media marketing agency, to help them establish a strong presence on social media and reach their target audience.


Networks Barber College faced several challenges when it came to social media marketing. They had a limited social media presence and were not generating enough leads through their existing channels. Additionally, they lacked the resources and expertise to develop and execute a social media strategy that aligned with their business objectives.


To address these challenges, Networks Barber College partnered with Royal Heron Media, an agency specializing in digital marketing solutions. Royal Heron Media devised a comprehensive strategy tailored to Networks Barber College’s needs:

  1. Social Media Presence: Royal Heron Media worked closely with Networks Barber College to establish and enhance their presence across various social media platforms. By creating engaging content and including Reels in their campaigns, Networks Barber College could effectively reach and engage with their target audience.

  2. Outreach Specialist: As part of the solution, Royal Heron Media assigned an outreach specialist to Networks Barber College. The outreach specialist’s role was to proactively reach out to different schools and schedule career fair visits to promote Networks Barber College’s programs. Additionally, the specialist handled online inquiries, providing timely and informative responses to prospective students.

  3. Online Reputation Management: Royal Heron Media provided Networks Barber College with access to advanced online reputation management software. This software enabled the college to monitor and manage their online reviews effectively. By encouraging satisfied students to leave positive reviews and promptly addressing any negative feedback, Networks Barber College could enhance their Google review ratings and bolster their reputation.


Increased Visibility: With a strong social media presence and targeted advertising campaigns, Networks Barber College experienced increased visibility among their target audience, leading to a higher number of inquiries and applications.

Improved Engagement: The assignment of an outreach specialist facilitated proactive outreach efforts and improved engagement with prospective students, resulting in a higher conversion rate for enrollment.

Enhanced Reputation: Through diligent online reputation management efforts, Networks Barber College saw a noticeable improvement in their Google review ratings, further enhancing their credibility and trustworthiness in the industry.