Are you struggling to get enough bookings and a consistent flow of customers at your barbershop?

Say goodbye to empty chairs and slow days at your barbershop with our BOSS!  Our Barbershop Optimized Sales System is specifically designed to help barbershops like yours get more bookings and a consistent flow of customers. No more stressing about slow business, let our BOSS handle the hard work for you.

Barber Shops all over the country have seen a significant increase in bookings and revenue since implementing BOSS.

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How We Do It

  • We’ll make your website look great and easy to use so folks want to hang around.

  • Tell people who you are and why you’re awesome. It helps them trust you.

  • Let happy customers brag about you. It’s like showing off your trophies!

  • Make it super easy for people to ask questions or book appointments.

  • Stay in touch with your peeps by sending them cool stuff they want to hear about.

  • Let everyone know what makes your barbershop special and who’s behind the scenes.

  • Show off all the cool things you can do for your customers.

  • Let folks book their appointments online, so you don’t have to play phone tag.

  • Share your thoughts and tips with the world using your blog. People love hearing what you have to say!
  • Make sure people can easily reach you when they need to.

  • We’ll help your website show up when people search for barbershops online.

  • We’ll help setting up your email so it looks professional and keeps your messages safe and of course keep bad guys from messing with your emails and stuff.

  • Send friendly reminders to customers so they don’t forget their appointments.

  • Send quick messages to remind people about their appointments on their phones.

  • Keep your customers happy and coming back with friendly emails every couple of weeks.

  • Get an email whenever someone books an appointment online. Stay on top of things!

Our Packages

Standard - $399/Year

  • Optimized Landing Page
  • About Us Section
  • Contact Us Section
  • Customer Review Section
  • Booking Page
  • On-page SEO
  • Email Setup Assistance, if needed.
  • SPF
  • DKIM
  • MX Records
  • Appointment Email Reminder
  • Appointment SMS Reminder
  • Monthly Automated Email Sequence
  • Email Notification to Your Mobile When Someone Books Online

Premium - $599/Year

  • Optimized Landing Page
  • Who We Are Section
  • Customer Review Section
  • Contact Form Section
  • Newsletter Subscription Section
  • Footer Section
  • About Us Page
  • Services Page
  • Booking Page
  • Blog Page
  • Contact Us
  • On-page SEO 
  • Email Setup Assistance, if needed.
  • SPF
  • DKIM
  • MX Records
  • Appointment Email Reminder
  • Appointment SMS Reminder
  • Biweekly Automated Email Sequence 
  • Email Notification When Someone Books Online

Websites for Barber Shops But On Steroids

Say goodbye to slow business and hello to a steady flow of customers with Barbershop Optimized Sales System (BOSS). Our revolutionary system is more than just a website, it’s like a website on steroids that will skyrocket your bookings and sales. 
Our solutions are specifically designed for barbershops, so you can focus on your craft while we handle the rest. Bridge: With a BOSS System in place, you’ll see a significant increase in bookings and customers, allowing you to expand your business and reach new heights.

Sales and Marketing Funnel Like Arnold

Our powerful sales and marketing funnel, built like Arnold, will bring in more bookings and boost your business like never before. 

Don’t just settle for a basic website, upgrade to our BOSS that’s been optimized for success.

The Most Affordable Website Development for Barber Shops

Alright, so imagine this: You know how when someone walks by your barber shop and sees it all nice and inviting, they’re more likely to come in and get a fresh cut, right? 

Well, think of a website like your shop’s online storefront.

 It’s like having a big sign on the internet that tells people, “Hey, come get a great haircut here!”

Now, what if I told you we could make you a website that’s not only super affordable but also really good at bringing in new customers?

 It’s like having a secret weapon that works for you 24/7, bringing in folks who might not have found your shop otherwise.

See, our sales system is like having a magic wand for your business. 

We’ll build you a website that’s not just pretty to look at, but one that actually convinces people to book appointments with you.

 And the best part? 

It won’t break the bank.

So, imagine this: You’ll have a website that’s like having an extra barber chair in your shop, always ready to serve more customers. 

Sounds good, right? Let’s make it happen!

The Best Website Development for Barber Shops

The Best Sales and Marketing Funnel for Barber Shops

I hear that you need a sales and marketing funnel for your barber shop. We’ll make you a funnel that’s not just good, but the best.

 It’ll be like the coolest haircut in town – everyone will want to check it out!

Now, here’s the really cool part: Our sales system is like having a superpower.

 It’ll make sure your website isn’t just sitting there looking pretty, but it’s actually working hard to bring in more customers.

 It’s like having a magnet that pulls people into your shop.

The Most Affordable Sales and Marketing Funnel for Barber Shops

You need a budget-friendly way to bring in more customers to your barber shop.
Our sales system will create a top-notch webpage that convinces people to book appointments with you, bringing in more business consistently.

 It’s like having a secret weapon that boosts your shop’s success without breaking the bank.

The Best Way to Get More Google Reviews for Barber Shops

You want more people talking about your barber shop online, right?

With our sales system, we’ll make sure your webpage encourages customers to leave glowing Google reviews, bringing in even more business. 

It’s like having a megaphone shouting out how awesome your shop is, getting more people through your door.

Still have questions? Call or Text us at +1 234 567 8901

We’re always here to help you!

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