ApexClosers Achieves Record-Breaking Sales with Royal Heron Media's Social Media Strategy

ApexClosers is a fast-growing remote staffing company that helps small-to-medium businesses and individuals close more deals and achieve their sales goals. With their unique approach to sales training and coaching, they were ready to expand their reach and attract new clients. That’s when they approached Royal Heron Media, to help them develop a robust social media content strategy.


ApexClosers faced several challenges in its social media marketing efforts. Their social media presence was limited, and they are still starting out with limited engagement with their target audience. Additionally, they had no clear strategy in place for social media advertising.


Royal Heron Media developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that included:

Social Media Audit: Our team conducted a thorough analysis of ApexClosers’ social media profiles to identify areas of improvement.

Customized Social Media Strategy: We developed a tailored social media marketing plan that included content creation, community management, and social media advertising.

Content Creation: Our team developed a variety of engaging content, including educational videos, sales tips, and motivational quotes, to showcase ApexClosers’ unique offerings and build brand awareness.

Community Management: We monitored ApexClosers’ social media profiles and created groups to build communities and increase engagement.

Social Media Advertising: We developed and executed highly targeted social media ad campaigns to reach potential customers and increase brand awareness.


With Royal Heron Media’s help, ApexClosers was able to achieve impressive results on social media:

Increased Engagement: ApexClosers’ social media profiles saw a significant increase in engagement, including likes, comments, and shares.

Improved Brand Awareness: ApexClosers’ social media presence grew, resulting in increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Increased Sign-up: Social media advertising campaigns resulted in a significant increase in website traffic and sign-ups, ultimately leading to new sales.